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Find Answers and Meaning

Have you ever wondered, “Is this all there is to life?  Go to work, come home, watch TV, eat and sleep?” Do you want more than that?  You can find answers and meaning at a Revelation Speaks Hope Prophecy Seminar.

Have you ever been wondering about the future? What does it hold for you and your family? There’s a feeling of uncertainty in the air with a weak economy, concerns of terrorism, and a disappearing of our deeply cherished freedoms.  Millions consult astrology columns hoping to catch a glimpse of the future. How would you like to learn God’s insight’s on the future?  He’s the only one with a 100% score card in His predictions of the future.  At the upcoming
Revelation Speaks Hope Prophecy Seminar, you can learn in clear and certain terms God’s view of the future.Have you run into a brick wall in your marriage or other relationship?  Anger, layoffs, finances got you down?  Would you like to learn how God can bring healing, peace, happiness and financial blessing to your home and family? At the upcomingRevelation Speaks Hope Prophecy Seminar, speaker Brian McMahon‘s clear and authoritative presentation from the Bible will draw you closer to God and allow His power to work in and bring harmony to your family.Have you ever looked for straight answers to life’s important questions?Questions like:
  • “Why am I here?”
  • “What really happens to a person when they die?”  
  • “Does God truly know the future?” 
  • “Is there a heaven and a hell and, if so, what are they like?”  
  • “Does hell really burn forever?”
  • “What should I do about the commandments of God?  Are they all still important today?”
  • “Who is ‘the Beast’ and what is the ‘Mark of the Beast’?”

You can get straight no-nonsense answers to these and many more questions at a Revelation Speaks Hope Prophecy Seminar! 

Plan to attend.  Write it in your calendar.  Post-it on your fridge. You will not want to miss this series of Eye Opening Presentations!